Bruce & Rosemary Rose

Bruce & Rosemary Rose have been the visionaries behind the Carrington enterprise, establishing a non-profit charitable foundation and a family of companies that values the communities in which its employees live and work.

As the parents of two graduate engineers, the Roses take great pride in serving non-profit causes across the United States. Carrington Charitable Foundation’s platform embodies the Rose family’s spirit of invitation and opportunity without obligation, by encouraging but not requiring Carrington leaders and employees to give back to their communities. Since its inception, the Foundation has grown under their direction into a multi-million dollar fundraising organization that has supported over 60 non-profit causes, with particular focus on assisting injured Veterans and their families.

Applying her expertise as a Fundraiser for the United World Colleges at Armand Hammer – Occidental Petroleum, Mrs. Rose serves as the Carrington Charitable Foundation’s Chairman of the Board. Mrs. Rose has been deeply involved in serving the community through innovative philanthropic programs for more than three decades, gaining experience that has led her to become the guiding force behind the Carrington Charitable Foundation since its establishment in 2009.

As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Carrington Companies, Mr. Rose has been the innovator behind the company’s growth from a fund investing in mortgage backed securities, to a vertically integrated financial services company with sixteen operating units involved in virtually every aspect of residential real estate sales and financing. Mr. Rose’s 30-year career on Wall Street began in 1980, working for firms such as Bache, Halsey, Stuart and Shields, and Salomon Brothers. In 2003, Mr. Rose founded predecessors to The Carrington Companies, beginning with Carrington Capital Management, which created and managed limited partnerships investing in mortgage credit. In 2007, Carrington further expanded and successfully converted from an investment company into a series of operating companies that work together to span all phases of single-family housing, mortgages and investments.

The Roses routinely donate their Carrington fleet of private aircrafts, absorbing fuel and transportation costs, to provide crucial travel service free of charge on countless charitable missions. Utilizing their expertise in the aviation field, Mr. Rose., an Airline Transport Rated Pilot with 40 years of experience, and Mrs. Rose, a trained and certified Cabin Attendant, have personally flown missions for the Corporate Angel Network, an organization that transports cancer patients to and from treatment centers, the Veterans Airlift Command, a network of private pilots providing free air transportation to post 9/11 combat injured Veterans and their families, as well as trips donated and auctioned off by Carrington for charitable purposes.

Since 2011, Mr. and Mrs. Rose have hosted the Annual Carrington Charitable Foundation Golf Classic in Newport Beach, California, benefitting our nation’s severely wounded heroes, which has raised in excess of $1 million dollars each year. The Annual Golf Classic brings together injured Veterans and their caregivers, as well as supporters from across the country, united in the mission to raise funds and awareness for our defenders and honor their sacrifices.

Mr. Rose & Mrs. Rose joined the Advisory Board of the Veterans Airlift Command in November 2013.

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