We Would Be Honored to Give You a Lift

Your sacrifice over there means everything to us at home. Volunteers across the nation are ready to fly for you.

Information for Passengers

What you need to know to schedule your flight with Veterans Airlift Command.

Veterans and Active Duty Military

Any veteran or active duty military person undergoing continuing medical care is eligible for transportation between the medical facility and his/her home. A medical release from a physician may be required for travel.

Families and Friends

Passengers are transported to and from the medical facility for the benefit of the service member/veteran, not the passengers. Passenger eligibility requires the service member/veteran to be undergoing continuing medical care, either hospitalized or as an outpatient.

Passengers must be family or a very close personal friend of the veteran.

Mobility Requirements

Generally all passengers must be ambulatory, as we are not an air ambulance provider.

The veteran, or one passenger, must fill out our online Travel Request form. This form lets us know when and where a trip may be taking place. It’s a good idea to fill out a Travel Request form as soon as you’re sure you’ll need transport. The more notice we have, the more likely it is that we will be able to fulfill your mission. Click on the link below to get the form.

Request a Flight

Due to aircraft and pilot availability, we are currently serving primarily combat injured veterans and veterans in need of medical treatment.

We provide free, private air transportation to our nation’s combat injured veterans for medical or other compassionate purposes through a national network of volunteer aircraft owners and pilots.

As soon as we have the flight request, we will call to confirm your details. Once we schedule a plane and pilots, we’ll put you in touch with your pilot. After that, all scheduling and coordination will take place between you and your pilot.

The VAC is similar to the commercial airlines in that severe weather, icing, and other unforeseen conditions can cause scheduling changes or even cancellations. Stay in contact with your pilot, who will let you know if anything changes.

In order to board and ride safely, passengers must be able to sit upright for up to three hours at a time, and otherwise physically capable of making the trip. We may require a physician’s release for the recovering veteran to travel in small airplanes. Your pilot will be focused on providing a safe and comfortable flight.

Because of this, in-flight medications must be self-administered, and any passenger who anticipates needing medical assistance of any kind should provide for a medical attendant to ride along on the flight.

All passengers are responsible for ground transportation to or from the airport.

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