Frequently Asked Questions for Passengers

How should I prepare for the flight?

First of all, dress comfortably. Secondly, ease off on liquid intake and take one final bathroom break before boarding. Feel free to bring along electronic devices such as iPods, reading material, a camera, as well as light snacks. Then just relax and enjoy your flight.

What if I have questions about the airplane, the pilot, or the flight itself?

Read through these FAQs. Your Captain will be in contact with you prior to the flight and can answer any questions specific to your flight. If you need immediate answers, call the VAC and we will help you. We ask that passengers refrain from interacting extensively with the Captain during the flight; he/she is there to concentrate on providing safe, professional air transport.

What are these planes like inside?

In many cases, the seats in small planes are more comfortable than airline coach seats. In most of these airplanes, however, the cabins are too small for you to leave your seat and move about.

How much luggage can I bring?

Luggage must be packed in regular-sized soft-side suitcases or duffel bags. Typically, total weight of all luggage is limited to 50 pounds. Prior permission from the Captain is required before you can bring any items that are of an unusual size or shape.

Can we bring alcohol on the plane?

VAC policy prohibits alcohol consumption while in flight. VAC policy also prohibits boarding any passenger who is intoxicated, just as the airlines do.

Is passenger weight a consideration?

Individual passenger weight is more of a consideration in small planes than in airliners. It is important to be accurate when giving weights to the captain; this is a flight safety issue. The total weight of all passengers, pilots, luggage and fuel is calculated before each trip. If the weight total is a problem, it will be addressed before the trip is scheduled.

How accessible are your aircraft?

VAC staff will do their best to accommodate people who are not ambulatory by scheduling planes that these people can board. However, this requirement will limit the number of aircraft available to support your flight, and may not be possible in all circumstances.

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