Mission: Chad Watson

Dear Fellow Volunteers,
I just recently completed my first mission. For those of you who have
already had the privilege of flying a mission, you know what it’s
like. For those of you who are yet to fly or have not quite decided
if this is for you, let me tell you it was one of the most gratifying
days of my life!
I picked Chad up at the Matoon, IL airport and returned to the D.C.
area to continue his rehab at Walter Reed. It is impossible to
adequately describe in words the upbeat and positive mental attitude
Chad has, as well as the driver who met us at the airport in
Gaithersburg, MD.
Chad was full of excitement and described what he had been through
since his injuries. You can tell just by being around him that
because he lost a leg that it is in no way a disability! He never
once hinted or even mentioned anything that he couldn’t do now, but
only excitedly spoke of the things he could do and was going to do!
His rehab is three months ahead of schedule. He was explaining to me
how lucky he was. To quote Chad, he said; “When I got to Walter Reed,
I saw how lucky I was. They didn’t have to do anything to me, just
cut part of my leg off, and it only took eight (8) surgeries to get me
fitted for the prosthetic.” You had to be there to hear how
enthusiastic he was when he said this to me.
Having heard all of the horror stories about Walter Reed, I asked Chad
for his opinion. He said he loved it there and Walter Reed was great.
He said he gets better each day he is there.
When I dropped Chad off, he and his driver thanked me so much it was
almost embarrassing. I felt so humbled because these young folks have
made such a great sacrifice and are so grateful for what the VAC is
doing, and what we do pales in comparison to what they are doing for our country.
It is something you’ll have to experience because I can’t describe it,
and you’ll come away from your mission with one of life’s greatest
God Bless Our Veterans

Chuck Myers

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