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Veterans Airlift Command has flew my family and I back and forth from Virginia Beach, VA to Houston, TX for my cancer checkups since 2018. It really benefited my family that we didn’t have to go through the long TSA lines and layovers that cause me excessive stress and anxiety. I am a retired United States Navy SEAL that lost my left leg below the knee while conducting combat action during Operation Anaconda “Roberts’ Ridge” on March 3-4 2002. In March 2018 I was diagnosed with Stage 3B Rectal cancer and underwent the full cycle of chemotherapy and 28 cycles of radiation. I am in remission now and have to get checked up every year now. Previously, I had to get checked up every 3-4 months and Veterans Airlift Command has been there for me every time I had to travel to Texas. I cannot express how much flying my family to Texas has made my mind, soul, and body stress free. At age 53, the less stress in my body is probably one of the main contributing factors of my recovery with my amputation, TBS, PTSD, Cancer, and family relationships making the last part of my life more pleasing. I sincerely appreciate everything Veterans Airlift Command does for Veterans and their families and I hope I can meet some of the people that make it all happen. Every single pilot that has flown me has been absolutely amazing, generous, and willing to help out in every way. In closing, I would like to thank everyone involved with making this experience the most beneficial contribution to every Veteran.

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