Thanksgiving Mission

I’d like to share a note that went out from one of our aircraft owners about a Thanksgiving mission that was flown on a few hours notice to get some injured soldiers home for Thanksgiving. These guys just returned stateside from a nine month long tour in Afghanistan and had not yet had a chance to see their families. A big thank you goes out not only to Nick, but to everyone who helped us get soldiers home for Thanksgiving this year.

As a group we have so very much to be thankful for this year. I am thankful that I have as friends, family and co-workers such a wonderful group of talented and caring people. I would hope that as we enjoy the holiday, the great food, our families and friends this Thanksgiving that we take a minute or more to be thankful for and think about those who protect our freedoms- who daily put it all on the line for us, this great country and our way of life. Today as on past occasions – we as a group all contributed to an expression of gratitude to some of those who have so selflessly put themselves in Harms Way. Thanks to Walt Fricke and Veterans Airlift Command- we were honored to have as our guest on the company plane three wounded warriors who were trying to get home for the holiday after an extended tour of duty and months in the hospital recovering from the injuries they received in the line of duty. A special thanks to Karen Keaton for making it happen by working with local airports in Vermont and Massachusetts to keep them open after their normal hours so our crew Dave and Rich could get them home for the holiday. As I have so often heard a photo speaks a thousand words. In the rear of the aircraft is Bill Fitzgerald, who was kind enough to share the photo, and who said “thanks for sharing this wonderful event” Bill rode home with them today, they shared their stories with him. Thank you all for being a part of the sage-popovich family.

Happy Thanksgiving. Nick and Pat

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