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The Challenge is On

The challenge is on. I have challenged one of our VAC volunteers to see who can raise the most money for VAC Hero Flight 2011. The winner of the challenge will have the opportunity to start out our golf event in North Carolina by skydiving onto the golf course right before the shotgun start. After having two kids, I crossed skydiving off my bucket list for being a little too risky, although it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. However, this particular opportunity comes with the benefit of doing a tandem jump with (former Golden Knight) SFC Mike Elliott, who took President Bush for his 85th birthday. Right back in the bucket list. I’m asking you to help me check this off the bucket list the RIGHT way-by actually doing it! And, asking your support of a great cause.

The Ranger Group is donating the jump, so ALL proceeds go directly to VAC. You can also purchase your tickets to our event and even sponsor a table in support of my jump. And, if you can’t make it to our event, but want to support VAC, you can do that too! Feel free to pass this on!

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Thanks for your continued support of our mission,

Jen Salvati
Operations Manager

1 thought on “The Challenge is On”

  1. Jen…I accept your challenge!

    After years of flying airplanes I believe like many pilots..Why jump out of a perfectly good airplane!!!

    I don't know what I was thinking when I told Walt I would be willing to jump for VAC's benefit.

    Well the Jump and Challenge is on…and I'm now trying to raise money for my jump or "ransom" to buy my way out of it! Here is my link if you want to "HELP me.

    Lisa Heidinger
    Narrator/Event Coordinatro
    Trojan Horsemen Flight Demonstration Team

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